About Us

Hello, we are Cheekiemonsta!

“Cheekie” is the sound that is made when the camera captures a scene – essentially encompassing our core of providing creative solutions through camera works, aka videography & photography!

Cheekiemonsta is founded in 2018, and managed by the two of us – Tracy and Charley. We are a creative studio catering to your creative needs; from monthly content marketing to video production, we’re there for you!

Left Brain

Pronounced exactly like ‘Charlie’, Charley is your main go-to person when working with us!

As the strategic storyteller in the team, Charley ensures that all our clients’ needs are conveyed through our creative works. She also has a tendency to ramble in her writing, like what’s happening precisely this moment 😂

In her free time, she’s always on social media and liking memes.

Right Brain

Her RBF (resting b*tch face) may seem unfriendly to some, but Tracy is the joker 🤡 of the team (who is no doubt serious at work!).

A fun media wizard with an eye for great visuals, Tracy is the creative and operations lead for our projects. Being a multitasking pro who constantly has a tune on, the only time you can’t interrupt her is when she’s “in the zone”.

Her other abilities include identifying the frequency of sounds 🎵, and completing entire seasons of Netflix dramas in a day 😅

We're excited to work with you!

For partnerships and collaborations, throw an email our way to [email protected]! We’re always looking to explore new ideas and concepts!

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