Wedding Monogram

Designed just for you!

What is a monogram? It is a decorative letter or set of initials that will add flair and uniqueness to your wedding! Customised specially for you, monograms help create a cohesive wedding experience- they set the tone and feel for your wedding way before your actual day! It can be used in your invitations, on wedding favours and as decorations (Psst! Check out our Decorative Projection!).

From classy and sleek, to elegant and feminine, we can design THE monogram perfect for you and your SO.

gobo monogram

Decorative Projection

Spice up your venue!

Worried about a dull-looking event space? This is the solution for you!

Add that extra pop to your event with our decorative projection. Using a projector,  your monogram or brand logo will be casted brightly onto walls, ceilings or floors. A customised venue look is created instantly! 

Unlike gobo projections, our decorative projection comes in full colours! Want to display more than just a static monogram/logo? No problem, we can customise  and project moving graphics too!

Live Feed

Straight to the big screen!

The fun doesn’t stop after posing for a shot! Entertain your guests with a fun photo montage of them fresh out from the camera! Photos taken by us (via photobooth or instant roving) are shown instantly on your event screens through our Live Feed. Seeing themselves on the screen with their creative posing is a sure conversation-starter (and ice-breaker)!

Live Feed service is more than just a photo gallery! Pre-add your OWN media (ie. wedding photos, video montage) into the mix! Want to remind your guests to tag their photos under #yourhastag? Just throw an informative photo in. We will help you maximise your Live Feed for even more value.

Live Feed is an add-on to our instant print services. We also provide standalone photo/video montage playback service.

How It Works


Customised Live Feed

The Live Feed will be customised for you beforehand. You can load in any media you want to include in the feed.

step 2


The Live Feed will be setup on a laptop*, and displayed onto a screen* for your guests.

*You need to provide a laptop, display for Live Feed and wifi. We can also provide any of the above at an extra charge.

step 3

Snap a Photo

A photo is taken in our photobooth*! The photo is uploaded instantly onto the Live Feed.

*Only if Live Feed is an add-on to our photobooth service


See it on screen!

And that's it! The new photo appears on the Live Feed screen for your guests' viewing pleasure.

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