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Project Scope
Videography | Content Creation & Design | Social Media Management | Copywriting

19 Eighty Three is a youthful, up-and-coming interior design firm that specialises in creating bespoke interior design for residential projects.

They approached us to craft a content strategy for them that would increase lead generation, build an online community on Instagram, and create meaningful collaborations with other designers.

We proposed a video-centric strategy to improve brand awareness and reach more local audiences and fellow designers who are aligned with their vision.

Instead of the usual “house tour” videos perpetuating the industry, we customised each video concept to focus more on each designers’ personality and style, and let their designs speak for themselves through engaging visuals.

This focus in storytelling allows their strengths to shine naturally and creates a distinctive contrast from more commercialised firms.

To convey youthfulness while maintaining a sense of professionalism to an audience made up mostly of young adults, a friendly and engaging tone of voice was used for their social media copywriting.

With this tailored content strategy, 19 Eighty Three were able to expand and reach their ideal audience, and grow their own community.

Their estimated growth rate for Instagram more than doubled within 3 months, from 5.3k to 8k followers.

In 4 months and across 4 videos released on Instagram, we achieved a total of 40.8k organic reach and 3.2k organic warm leads, consisting of new followers, profile visits, website visits, getting directions and emails (not including DMs).

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