Ding Yi River of Life Concert Video

Ding Yi Music Company

Project Scope:
Videography | Production | Motion Graphics & Design | Sound Design

Ding Yi Music Company had approached us, to produce a promotional video for their concert, “Of Music & Story: River Of Life”, which featured the sounds, visuals and stories revolving around the Singapore River. Our client was keen to do a Q&A styled video, to pique the interest of younger Singaporeans toward the richness of Singapore River, and also to raise awareness about their music concert. The Q&A was done on the streets along Clarke Quay, and a local historian was invited to share facts in relation to the Singapore River, which made the video an educational watch. 

We researched on the history facts and created a storyboard and script on the Singapore River. Ding Yi’s current campaign is targeted on youths, we created the video in English. However, as the majority of Ding Yi’s audience are Mandarin-speaking, we translated and added Mandarin subtitles to maintain the appeal to their main audience while capturing the new, younger audience.

In order to enhance an atmosphere with more rapport between the host and interviewees, we included original illustrations for video supers, along with motion graphics and sound design, which were added in prompt moments; those edits made the video more engaging to watch. The host of the video was Ding Yi’s very own musician, Yvonne, who’s bubbly personality gave the video a more personal touch. 

The video had been successfully delivered within a short time frame as we were able to work closely with the Ding Yi marketing team. The video was posted on Ding Yi’s social media for their audiences. It was also showcased in [email protected] for their public exhibition, and on the public screens of the Esplanade.

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