Ground Zero Festival

Back to Ground Zero

Project Scope
Videography | Production | Event Highlight

Ground Zero Festival 2019 was organised by Back To Ground Zero (BTGZ), who wanted to raise awareness about sustainable living in Singapore, through music, workshops and many eye-catching activities that advocated sustainability. They had vendors that provided sustainable options such as zero food waste, as well as vegan options for consumables. 

BTGZ aimed to bring the people back to their Kumpung roots and by doing so, allow them to reconnect with nature and its wonders. With this festival, the participants were able to learn about being eco-friendly, how to generate less waste, and all about plant-based diets. 

We produced and did the groundwork for the festival coverage, and our aim was to capture the event’s vibrancy, and also to show that being eco-friendly and making positive changes toward the environment can produce such fun and enjoyment for all ages, especially in Singapore. 

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