Partner Yoga @ Marina Bay

Partner Yoga by CheekieFitness

Project Scope
Photography | Videography | Copywriting | Content Creation & Design

When timelines grow and people learn, we as a people, started becoming more self aware and health conscious – we shared the understanding and wanted to create an experience where people would be able to connect with each other through the likes of fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.  

In conjunction with the event, we launched a line of exclusive merchandise of embossed microfiber towels and yoga bags with bright prints. A fitness-themed product photo shoot was held to showcase the merchandise with clarity and in aim to pique interest and produce anticipation for the event itself. 

In preparation of out Partner Yoga Event, we personally designed the posters and did the copywriting to our social media sites for the advertising and marketing of the event.

Along with that, we also produced a videography shoot that would adhere towards the marketability of the event. During both days of the Partner Yoga event, we did the ground coverage photography and managed to capture many interesting moments from the participants, and it was absolutely heartening to witness the faces of joy and laughter during our event.

In short, the event was a genuine success, and we hope to create more events like this in the future. Till the next one!

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