SJC Graduation Night

SJC Graduation Night

CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent

Project Scope
Graphics Design | Photobooth | Prop Design

Graduations always hold a dear place in our hearts, the celebration of the end of a journey travelled together. Photographs have the power to retain these events vividly and preserve these precious memories, yet moments like these are truly priceless. 

Bookmark and 4R Prints

We proposed two print layouts, a bookmark layout that appealed to the students, as well as a larger print that featured the clarity of the photograph. The Convent’s iconic blue and white colours were integrated in the design, along with hints of glamour to realise the Masquerade theme. 

Prop Design

The theme of the Graduation Night was truly brought to life with custom die-cut masks that served as both an accessory as well as a party prop for the photobooth. Additional custom props were designed to include popular, relatable lingo used amongst the IJ students. These exclusive props provided sentiment and the students will definitely remember the Graduation Night well!

Check out our gallery here!

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